The Indian Orthodox Diaspora is a relatively late addition to the Holy Church's list of official spiritual organizations. LL HG Job Mar Philoxenos, the second metropolitan of the Diocese of Delhi, because of his fatherly love for all children of the Holy Church irrespective of their purlieu or knowledge of the Malayalam language, is credited for being the founder of the Diaspora Movement. The Indian Orthodox Diaspora is a Spiritual Organization that aims to encourage, care for, nurture, counsel, and enable diaspora members (born and raised outside Kerala specifically but not exclusively) and engage them in Worship, Study & Service through a range of programmes, online forums, and live events. It is a movement dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs and desires of second and third generation people among those born and raised outside of Kerala.


The movement comprises of those who are:

  • Born and/or brought up outside Kerala.
  • Born/ brought up in Kerala but by virtue of their long stay outside Kerala due to employment or other commitments.
  • Disengaged Church members in the local parishes.
  • Inter-cultural couples.

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