Our Saviour dined with His twelve disciples in the city on the evening of this day, which was the eve of the feast of Passover, a Jewish observance of the sacrifice of an unblemished lamb and unleavened bread, as mandated by God through Moses during the captivity of the Jews. He blessed the bread and wine and bestowed the Holy Mystery of the Divine Eucharist upon us. As an act of modesty, he washed the disciples' feet. He revealed that one of them was about to betray Him by announcing that he was the one "that dippeth his hand with Me in the dish."

It is the fifth day of Holy Week, after Holy Wednesday and preceding Good Friday, marking the beginning of the Triduum. Formalized paraphrase of Our Lord's words, "I give you a new commandment," is reflected through the term "Maundy". The day commemorates Christ's Last Supper with His disciples on the night He was betrayed by Judas for 30 pieces of silver. As an act of modesty and service, the high priest or episcopos washes the feet of 12 members of the church, much as Christ did with his 12 apostles.

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