Martha Maryam (Vanitha) Samajam was founded in 1920 aimed at the spiritual progress of women of the Malankara Orthodox Church. St. Mary is venerated as its patron Saint. It was started under the patronage of the Late Very Rev. M.C.Kuriakose Ramban and with the leadership of K.M Annamma and co-workers.


  • Preparing women to have theological training.
  • Preparing Church Choir- Mistresses.
  • Training women to have social awareness, participation in political activities, decision-making at every level.
  • Attempts to find out women's potentials to a greater extent.
  • Training women to lead prayer life, Bible classes, fellowship meetings and to preach the gospel.
  • Preparing cell to solve the problems of working women.
  • Seek solidarity with women's action groups on a local and national level.
  • Encouraging more participation in ecumenical gatherings.
  • To enhance spiritual practices observing lent, and other religious practices, bringing up children etc
  • Participation for women in the administration of the church-membership in Parish committee, Managing committee, working Committee. Advisory committee etc.


‘MMVS Ghaziabad’ is an active body of women around 30 in number within the parish who allocate a portion of their time for not only biblical discussion and spiritual engagement but also general affairs that matter to their day-to-day life. The priests also engage by sharing their knowledge on doctrines of the church and responding to meaningful interjections made by the members of the unit. They have ensured their active participation in all events at the unit and diocesan levels. Examinations that are held at the diocesan level annually see many of them being able to excel through their knowledge of the bible and orthodox worship. Other activities of the group include prayers for sick people, hospital visits, charity work, etc.



Secretary- Ms.Kunjumol Shaji

Jt.Secretary - Ms Kunjumol Pathrose

Treasurer - Sheba Biju

Executive Member - Mrs Mary George

Committee Members

Ms Gracy Raju
Ms Jolly Biju
Ms Jessy Binoy
Ms Beena Saji



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