St. Thomas Orthodox Church Society runs two prestigious English Medium Schools, St. Thomas School, Sahibabad and St. Thomas School Indirapuram. This society is dynamic and socially committed as it is founded on life of worship, love and service. It caters to the children of medium/low-income groups and provides free education to many. So as a part of its social responsibility initiative, the society has adopted one of the poorest villages of Ghaziabad "Kaushalya". This village is mostly dominated by minority communities. It is located about 30 KM from St. Thomas School Indirapuram. The society works strenuously for its amelioration. It is doing great work in improving the village condition in areas of education, health and hygiene.

In November 2006, the St. Thomas Orthodox Society organized a FETE at its St. Thomas school Indirapuram to mobilize financial resources to adopt a village in Ghaziabad district. Society's movement received a victory when District Magistrate M.K.S. Sundram and S.S.P. Mr Piyush Mardia allotted Kaushalya village. The Society has also embarked upon a project named "Sankalp"-'a promise'. It was started in January 2007 with the active support of the then Chairman Father PA Philip, the then Principal Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas and Project Coordinator and Media In-charge Mrs Neena Jha. The project has attracted the attention of the government agencies, media and people at large.

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