St. Thomas School, Sahibabad also feels that it could celebrate the grand festival of Christmas not just with their family and friends but others too. In this respect, it organizes the Good Samaritan’s Week every year in December. Good Samaritan is a character and a major source of inspiration from a parable of the Holy Bible. Our students try to imitate his virtues by displaying love and care to those deprived just like the ‘Good Samaritan’.

During the week, Thomasanians visited various orphanages, Leprosy homes and tried to bring smiles on the faces of the less privileged. They visit and donate myriad basic items such as woolens, used clothes, toothpaste, hair oil, soaps, biscuits, stationery, cold cream, socks, slippers, woolen caps, jam, etc. to leprosy homes, schools for special and physically challenged children and orphanages in and around the vicinity of Ghaziabad.

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